Sep 2018
Fruit & Wood shaving Packaging Bags
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Fruit packaging bags   Designed with recycled premium golden jute fibers, Jutify‚Äôs eco friendly fruit packaging bags offer food items a breathable, natural environment. So fruits stay fresh for longer period. Especially citrus fruits require breathable packaging because of their nature. You can also easily identify the food items through the mesh windows of these … Continue reading “Fruit & Wood shaving Packaging Bags”

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Aug 2018
Are We Living in the Present or Ruining Future?
  • By Jutify

The presence of clean air and water has been a major challenge for the settlers of the earth. The environment is getting debilitated due to the uncontrollable usage of non-reusable plastic bags. Every year millions of plastics get dumped into the ocean. It affects the marine life beyond redemption. If we keep on indulging in … Continue reading “Are We Living in the Present or Ruining Future?”

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Jun 2018
  • By Jutify

We are stoked to announce OUR BRAND NEW LOOK
Over the past few months, my team and I have been very busy re-doing our brand look & name.

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